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Reflective Journal No.4

1. How can we change the order of objects on a layer? Why is there a need to master this procedure?

* Just simply press Pick tool then press control(CTRL) and now move your object to your desired position. We need to master this procedure so we can do effects/ special effects that can amaze our eyes, especially if your drawing is a realistic type or geometrical types that needed 3D effects or maybe you just need little effects.

2. In discussing and applying the different SHAPING OPERATIONS, do you agree that they are very important in creating more professional artwork? Why?

*Of course that is very important, like in this case, you wanted to draw a square and you just used the Bezier Tool if you are not careful with your drawing there may be an open part that will prevent you from coloring it or editing it, Oh how sad. So if you just used the rectangle Tool you’ll have an instant square or any shapes in basic shapes tool to ellipse and you can also edit this shapes by using shape edit, see no sweat needed!!!!

3. Why is there a need to include TEXT in our artwork? Cite some functions of text or type in graphic designing and advertising?

*Not all times we need TEXT in our Artworks but it some cases Text is very useful especially in creating Logos or Advertisement. Text is very important for a logo for how does a customer know it’s brand name if you just put a logo, the customer wouldn’t say “will you buy this thing with a logo like this”, instead the customer needs to mention the thing’s Brand Name. Especially in advertisement, TEXT has a very important role, note that “important”. An advertisement is a brief presentation of a product, then how can you present your product if  no TEXT are written. Are you just gonna put a picture of your product to your Ad??? Then how can you attract customers if no information is added??? Like what are the benefits of it or where can they find it and buy it??? TEXT are everywhere, not just in CorelDRAW but everywhere.

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Nettleton 198 by SAOTA


The clients, a British couple living in Cape Town, requested a six-bedroom, seven-level home that makes the most of the site, the views and the mountain. The lower levels of the existing structure were totally remodelled while the upper level was demolished to allow for two new levels.

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F House by Pons Architects


Pons Architects designed F House located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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Reflective Journal No.3

1. How can we create our drawing objects? Name at least three drawing and shaping tools that really fascinate you, then share your experience while working with them.

*To draw, click any shape tools maybe ellipse or rectangle or if you wanted you can use the basic shapes tool if you wanted to. First is the Freehand tool Flyout because it can create drawings in many styles and you have the power to control it. Second is the Fill tool for it is the one who gives color, my experience with fill tool is the best experience in the CorelDraw for it is the one who gives life to your drawing and here you control its appearance. Lastly is the Interactive tools Flyout, cause here you can put effects, to give appeal to viewers.

2. Justify the claim that Shape Edit Tool is a very powerful editing tool? 

It is a powerful tool because it can edit the shape into your desired shapes, this powerful tool also can erase tools, smudge, roughen, rotate or transform tools and delete an area by using virtual segment delete.

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Creative Buttons


1. How do you find this activity? Easy or difficult? Why do you think so?

*I find this activity easy because I only need to use shape edit tool, transparency tool, fill tool, and a little touch of outline tool. I love the coloring part because in releases the creativity in you.

2. What skills did you acquire during and after working on this activity?

*I learned how to bring life to an object by putting effects like the transparency tool did it gave my drawing a light effect to look glossy and realistic. But I think I need more time to learn many things here in CorelDRAW to call my self a Pro.

Love CorelDRAW again!!!!

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Activity No.2 Battle Tank w/ fill

1. Easy but not that easy because at first I can’t put any color in my battle tank and it’s because curved lines are not close and that is where my problem started, lucky for me I found a way, I just put many shapes with the same color and delete the lines to pretend it is colored.

2.  I acquired the skill of being creative, being more wiser to problems and being more watchful to those disclosed curved lines.

I Love CorelDRAW !!!!!

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Reflective Journal No.2

1. Why do we need to zoom in and zoom out while working with our drawing object?

*We need to use Zoom in in CorelDRAW to see those small details to avoid errors and to somehow perfect your work, we also need zoom out to adjust or get back to the normal position and to see how your drawing looks, remember looks matter.

2. What are the different CorelDRAW views? When should we use it?

*The different CorelDRAW views are simple wire frame, draft, normal and enhanced views. Simple Wireframe displays the outline of our artwork by hiding things like fills, contours, drop shadows, and intermediate blending shapes. Draft gives the viewer a lesser quality mode, it can be a big help when you are editing large objects. Normal give you sort of a mid-range view. Enhanced View is going to give you a high quality view of your artwork, it’l give you high resolution, raster graphic and will look nice and smooth.

3. How did you manage to save your image for the web? What are the steps did you follow?

 *To save the image click file, then save(if you want the changes be saved on this document) or save as if you want to save it to another new document. Then search for a place where you can save your document, choose a folder where you will place it, then put your document’s name in the file name box and for the finale because your saving an image you may choose what format your image will be (e.g. .jpeg, .gif) and click the magic word SAVE.
Happy SAVING!!!!
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*This activity is easy for me because it only need simple steps like using freehand, rectangle, ellipse, and basic shapes tool. And always remember all the functions of those tools because it will really help you a lot.

*The skills that I acquired are being creative, knowing some functions of a tool(in CorelDRAW), and last but not the least is being a good listener to your teacher while discussing topics.

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In 1979, The Arctic In September Had More Than 7,000,000 Sq Km Of Ice. This September, When The Melting Season Ends In A Few Days’ Time, It Is Likely to Have Less Than 3,500,000 Sq Km.

looking beyond borders

To see the ice disappear this quickly is unprecedented. The 2012 melt has comprehensively broken all previous records. We are now heading into uncharted territory because the Arctic helps to cool the climate and regulate our weather patterns.

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