Reflective Journal No.2

1. Why do we need to zoom in and zoom out while working with our drawing object?

*We need to use Zoom in in CorelDRAW to see those small details to avoid errors and to somehow perfect your work, we also need zoom out to adjust or get back to the normal position and to see how your drawing looks, remember looks matter.

2. What are the different CorelDRAW views? When should we use it?

*The different CorelDRAW views are simple wire frame, draft, normal and enhanced views. Simple Wireframe displays the outline of our artwork by hiding things like fills, contours, drop shadows, and intermediate blending shapes. Draft gives the viewer a lesser quality mode, it can be a big help when you are editing large objects. Normal give you sort of a mid-range view. Enhanced View is going to give you a high quality view of your artwork, it’l give you high resolution, raster graphic and will look nice and smooth.

3. How did you manage to save your image for the web? What are the steps did you follow?

 *To save the image click file, then save(if you want the changes be saved on this document) or save as if you want to save it to another new document. Then search for a place where you can save your document, choose a folder where you will place it, then put your document’s name in the file name box and for the finale because your saving an image you may choose what format your image will be (e.g. .jpeg, .gif) and click the magic word SAVE.
Happy SAVING!!!!
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One thought on “Reflective Journal No.2

  1. On the third question… it should be export to save your work for the web.
    But in all fairness…
    I like your “happy saving!” 😀

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