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Reflective Journal #5

1. What are the different kinds of FILL COLORS? How can we apply each kind of fill?

*Inside Fill Tool Fly out  are Uniform/Solid Fill, Fountain Fill, Bitmap Fill, and Texture Fill. If you want the color to be Solid or Uniform just click the object you decided to fill with Pick tool then click any color that suites your work in the color palette. In using fountain fill, click  an object then click the Fill tools Fly out in the toolbox then select Fountain Fill, note that there are four types of it, the Conical, Radial, Square and Linear; choose the style that best suites your work. Use the Bitmap Fill if you want to put PICTURES inside your object. To use Bitmap Fill, Click the object with Pick Tool then select Bitmap in the third Row of Fill Tool categories. You can also use Fill editor to create simple Fills  or import your Bitmap FileTexture Fill is the most powerful Fill in the Fill tools Fly out. Hundreds of textures can be edited both randomly or in precise, creating millions of possible fills you can imagine. To use this Powerful fill, click the object with Pick tool then select the fourth category in the Fill tools Fly out.

Tip: Use the Docker Window to give easy access on fill tool, Text Tool, Curve, and Outline Tool. Just click Window in the Menu Bar, click Docker then properties.

2. Upload a sample advertisement/poster developed through CorelDRAW and spot the different special effects used that make it a professional artwork.

* Their own logo is a very good example, based on my perception they used the shadow drop tool as you can see the logo looks like it is floating from the surface. They also used Transparency tool, making the logo glossy. Use a special fill tool for the blending, used text Tool for the product name, also used rectangle tool with a little touch of shape edit tool, etc.

 3. How do you find your learning experience in Graphic Designing with CorelDraw X5?

* After 1 and a half month of studying CorelDRAW what do you think I learned???? My answer is, here I became more creative, here I became more persuaded in studying Computer Technology, here I found fun within work, here I realized that there’s a reason why I’m doing this, and here I realized that not just artistic people but all of us can be an artist in just a click.

4. Did your electronic portfolio experience make you a more engaged student of this course? Why?

*Yes, for it thought me how to be creative in some activities and now I know that internet can also be a storage system and here other people can see your work in just seconds.

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